Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Vlach Warriors and Cavalry

Vlach Warriors
The vlachs are a semi-nomadic people whose main occupation is shepherding. The vlach way of life is centered on transhumance which is the seasonal movement with their livestock from the summer pastures in the mountains to the winter pastures in the plains. The vlachs are not welcomed inside the city gates but their skills as warriors and their knowledge of the terrain is highly valued when it comes to protecting caravans and travelling merchants. The vlachs dress in sheepskin, use wooden shields for protection and spears as weapons.

Vlach Cavalry
As part of their pastoral way of life the vlachs also mastered horsemanship. Their horses are sturdy animals used to the rugged terrain of the mountains. Dressed in sheepskin and with only a wooden shield for protection, the vlachs rely on speed and quick maneuvers to outsmart their enemies. The vlach cavalry is perfect for hit and run tactics and to chase down routed enemies.

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